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Bespoke Website Creation – Custom Website Programming – Webserver Optimisation

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Bespoke Website Design

Utilising WordPress, I can create bespoke websites that are unique in their own way. Each website is built from the ground up and unique to your brand. 

Unbeatable Performance

All websites and email services operate on servers that are optimised for performance. With dataservers hosted within the United Kingdom and a 99.99% guaranteed SLA, you can ensure your website stays online.

Hardware Configuration

Have an office computer that needs upgrading or repairing? Offering a hardware service, we can upgrade your performance of your daily driver without losing data.

Custom Programming

With the years of programming under my belt, I am comfortable in a range of programming languages and can help you create an idea into reality. With training in Laravel underway, we hope to soon offer additional programming services.

Video Editing

Need something changed or condensed? With years of experience with various video editing tools (Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects) and running a YouTube channel, I am happy to offer video editing as a tool.

Image/Product Editing

With usage of Adobe Photoshop, I am able to help your brand make alterations to images, create product photos and create custom graphics and banners.

System Administration

With experience with Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems/distributions, updating and maintaining systems within this scope is a must & applying security practices and managing services is crucial.

Expert Advice

Not everyone knows everything, especially within the computing world, I will help you understand tasks you’re trying to complete and make reccomendations based on your requirements & desires.


How Our Pricing Works

All our services range from various project lengths. Depending on current workload and difficulty of the task, I adjust my pricing accordingly. For some services (Including but not limited to: Website & Email Services), I employ a deposit system for work that will take some time to complete. All other work is completed as an hourly basis with exact time tracking. For more information, please enquire to get an estimate of project/task pricing.