Thomas Keast

Information Technology Specialist Based In Cornwall

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My Services

Website Design & Hosting

As a for-fun web designer, I specialise in creating clean, intuitive websites that prioritise both aesthetics and functionality. Beyond design, my tech skills shine in web hosting, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Custom Programming

With programming being a passionate hobby of mine, I harness these skills when creating websites, writing custom tools & scripts and building platforms from scratch. With a range of knowledge in various programming languages, I have built plenty of tools to assist me.


With a range of knowledge of building & using a wide range of systems and operating systems, I operate in a logical manor to help resolve any issues I encounter with computer systems, regardless if it’s hardware or software related.

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My Card

Thomas Keast

Thomas Keast

Hey there 👋

I like to use my skills for good, helping those who find it hard to understand. Being around technology my entire life, I have explored many aspects within the IT sector and love to adopt them all together if I can.

From making tools and applications to help out with my day to day life, building a simple website for someone who doesn’t know where to begin or even helping troubleshooting.

Based in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall, I have expanded my computing skills over my lifetime and I am happy to be able to share my knowledge and skills with the people around me.

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My Work

Candy Cane Tattoo - Website Redesign

Candy Cane Tattoo Parlour, based in Redruth, had a website that was in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, the website had errors displayed on the page along with missing content. 

After re-creating the website, adding Google Analytics & setting up mailboxes, the difference is night and day.

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Zensphere AMX Project

The AMX Project is a user dashboard project created from scratch without the use of any frameworks. This project is primarily coded in the PHP programming language and is a combination of all my projects from 2022 & 2023. 

AMX currently supports creating and sending invoices automatically, handling user requests for services and products & built-in support ticket system.

x72 Website Design

x72 needed a new re-design as the old design looked dated and confusing to navigate. After following the colour pallet & assigned theme, the new website was designed.

After creating illustrations and additional elements, the website now properly conveys the aim of the brand.

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My Skills

Domain Management
Web Design
Troubleshooting (Hardware & Software)
Backend Programming
Hardware Configuration
Photo Editing
Video Editing

About The List Of Skills

All the skills listed here represent my current level of knowledge in a certain area. Whilst some skills are farily low, I am constantly working daily to increase my skills within the certain topic to use for my services. If you don’t see a skill listed, please enquire via the contact form to get in touch.